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Taxi from Podgorica Airport to ShkoderBook a vehicle of your choosing online. Your dedicated driver will wait for you with a name sign, so you won’t lose a minute.

Don’t be afraid you would end up paying more than you expected. Pay a fixed, all-inclusive price, beginning from €45, and travel comfortably and safely from Podgorica airport to Shkoder for about an hour with a reliable and experienced driver, fluent in English and ready to tell you whatever you want to know about the surroundings or to stop the car if you want to take some photos or look around ,Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Shkoder.

If you have a ton of baggage or came in a bigger company, a mini-van or a van will wait for you, and make your trip from Podgorica to Shkoder even comfier.

Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Shkoder, places to see in Shkoder

The biggest lake in Southern Europe, which is the largest in the Balkan peninsula, should be just enough to make up one’s mind about visiting Shkoder, one of the most preserved ancient venues in Albania.

The eponymous lake is famous for its calm and clean water, as well as cycling tours which are the best means for enjoying the ravishing landscape. Boat trips and fresh fish meals, all of them very affordable, add to the flavour, as well as the charming fishermen’s village Shiroka.

The city stands near the confluence of two twin-rivers, Drin and Buna.

Near the city stands the ancient Rozafa, castle-museum where old weapons are exhibited. Go there to hit the sunset and enjoy the astonishing panorama of the lake and the surrounding mountains. The legend has it that Rozafa was bride of the youngest among three brothers. The walls of the castle kept falling because of the water, so someone had to be sacrificed to calm the gods. Of course, it was Rozafa. She was built into the walls alive. Traces of water running down the walls are believed to be her milk, that leaked so that her infant could be fed.<

The statue of Mother Teresa (who was partly Albanian) adorns the center of the city.

History buffs will be interested in the Museum of Memory’s story about crimes that were committed during the rule of the infamous communist regime. The building, which was secret services headquarter, has seen torture and imprisonment of uncountable intellectuals.

For those who aren’t fond of grim stories, there is Marubi Museum of Photography, with a rich collection of over 500.000 photographs, both negatives and printed. The Marubi family were pioneers of photography in Albania. Most of the negatives date from the period of Albanian fight for independence, at the daybreak of the 20th century.

Mystical city of Shkoder is the meeting place of three different religions that are practiced in Albania, so there are many catholic cathedrals, orthodox churches and mosques.
Taxi from Podgorica Airport to Shkoder