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Transfer service – Taxi Kotor to Tirana 140€

Transfer from Kotor to the Albanian capital, Tirana, in the summer period lasts about four hours and the price of economy class cars up to three passengers 140€ while the price of business class up to four passengers 145e.

The duration of travel used can be significantly longer due to the large circulation of passengers at the border crossing between Albania and Montenegro, especially in July and August when waiting at the border and over half an hour and when large column of vehicles. But this is not the only major route from Kotor to Tirana, there is a path that goes through Podgorica and over the border crossing Bozaj, and is and the price of the option with respect to the greater length of time,Taxi Kotor to Tirana 140€.

Travel route description -from Kotor to Tirana

There are two options the first time in Kotor while coastal road passing through the cities Budva on the Montenegrin coast, St. S​t​efan, Petrovac, Sutomore and many smaller places until Bar, where the old road through an avenue of ancient olive trees, which is the shortest ride to the border crossing in the hinterland of the coast and has a view ​Utjeha ​and Dobra Voda and the village of Vladimir and the border. When cross the border after about ten minutes come to Scutari, over which hangs a fortress Rozafa,Taxi Kotor to Tirana 120€.

​Another option way from Kotor to​ ​Tirana over Budva​ then to Cetinje and Podgorica is much more interesting a considerably longer but for those who have time this variant often is an opportunity to see a part of the mountain of Montenegro and the surrounding ​lendscape​. Tourists who just were on the coast and did not see the other places that are not on the coast​.​

This transfer from Kotor to Tirana, we can organize a day trip with delays at several places and at locations that are sticking to painting and from which a view of the lake or the mountains and surrounding villages​..Taxi Kotor to Tirana 140€​.

If you decide to travel by bus or van trip from Kotor to Tirana or some other place or town in Albania may be longer than 6-7 hours of travel because all vehicles with a high number of passengers at the Border Pass to retain much longer than smaller vehicles and passport control procedures and testing of every traveler knows to be a lengthy and tedious process when crossing the border.

The best option for three or four passengers is the business category in our offer with a professional driver because unlike bus travel have more time that you can use for sightseeing and visit some places through which we pass and travel. And I was considerably more favorable to small car to travel with regard to the price per passenger on the bus or van vehicle of 28-35€​.