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Taxi Kotor

We are a specialized company for taxi transfers, for half-day and one-day trips and excursions. In our offer we have several categories of vehicles with which we perform transfers and excursion and clearly stated rates for all types of services. We accept all bookings advance sent with exactly the completed form for ordering and accurate data on the client. Most of the tourists who visits Kotor staying 3-7 days and mainly used our service for transfers from Kotor to the airport or from the airport to Kotor, which are in our offer. Bigger part of these tourists visit and other tourist places and we offer a transfer from Kotor to any destination in our environment.

Taxi excursions from Kotor – Price

Kotor excursion - Trip to Biograd lakeWe need to point out that we have competitive prices and transfers to the airport and the best taxi price. So the price to the airport in Podgorica from Kotor 48e, other settlements which are located and more than ten kilometers from the old town such as Prcanj 55e, Stoliv 55e, Orahovac 55e, Ljuta 55e . Price from Kotor to Dubrovnik Airport is 95e, to Sarajevo 160e, 130e to Mostar. Very road transfers from Kotor to the famous resorts and major cities in our environment so that these transfers have a lot more favorable prices over the competition to Tirana 130e, to Ohrid 190e, to Durres 140e, to Saranda 280e, Skopje 200e, to Split 200e.

Excursions from Kotor

Taxi Kotor - Excursion to lovcenThere are many interesting places in Montenegro to see and visit and if Kotor is one of the oldest towns in Montenegro coast in his environment there are very interesting tourist places of interest are the number of visits just behind Kotor. In our offer we also organize tours for small and large groups of tourists. Some of the most wanted are half-day trip to Perast and two small islands Our Lady of the Rock and Church of St. Djordje. Excursion from Kotor known as the Montenegro-tour to Njegusi the birthplace of the royal family Petrovic, and then visit Cetinje and Budva and back to Kotor. This trip has more options if you include a visit to the National Park Lovcen and climbing on one of the most two points of Lovcen, Jezerski Vrh where is Njegos Mausoleum, for this option we need a much longer period of time so that it provides as a day trip.

< Taxi Kotor to Dubrovnik 95€
Taxi Kotor to Sarajevo 160€
Taxi Kotor to Skoplje 190€
Taxi Kotor to Ohrid 190€
Taxi Kotor to Mostar 130€

Walking Tour Kotor

Taxi Kotor - Kotor port - Cruiser ship in portEvery year kotor markers steady growth in the number of tourists and most of them comes to large cruise ships and in some there are thousands of tourists. For the season 2017 and announced the arrival of so far a record number of cruise ships and therefore tourists. Individual days in the Port of Kotor and the bay will be located at several ships and even now we can say that we are expecting a record tourist season the number of guests who will visit Montenegro. Cruisers can retain about most of the day so tourists have enough time to tour the old city. One of our offer is certainly a walking tour of Kotor which our company is organized with local guides who specialazied and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and licensed to conduct these types of activities. It is a carefully selected guides with years of experience and professional attitude.

The tour was only referring to a tour of the old town for one or two hours for individual visits as well as for small and larger groups of tourists that pre-order the tour. There are guides who speak English, Russian, French, German and Turkish language and the other languages we’ll try that the customer meet and make available guide for the requested language.