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Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€

Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48eThere are three times from the airport Podgorica and Kotor, the first two are the standard price of the 48e for economy class vehicles while the other two much more expensive because of the length of time and travel time. The client can choose the class of vehicles from our offer, in addition to business class we have and van transport passengers from the airport in Podgorica and Kotor and for larger groups we offer a mini bus transfers,Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€.

The first option times from the airport in Podgorica includes travel route across the lake through the tunnel Sozina then the Adriatic Highway next to Petrovac, Budva, and to Kotor. This route is mostly used and needed an hour and a half,Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€.

Another option times from the airport or from Kotor to Podgorica airport use roadway known as path through mountains Pastrovac.This variant used only within the time of the tourist season and that in July and avgust when the coastal side of the Adriatic highway, there are large crowds at the crossroads that link through the tunnel Sozina. This reason when waiting for more than half an hour and even more use mountain road especially when we drive customers to the airport, it would be too late for a flight and the time we get there.

Excursion in Montenegro

Taxi Kotor - Excursion to lovcenThe third option times and rarest used travel route from the airport to Kotor is the main road Podgorica-Cetinje-Budva-Kotor. For this option prices for economy class vehicles is 50eur, due to significantly greater length of time and the duration of the trip. On this section of the road is a lot of beautiful places with beautiful views of the lake or sea with mountains on the Budva Riviera So that the client’s request, we can always make a short break, taking pictures and then go on to Kotor,Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€.

Lovcen vistaFourth option that is currently under construction is a major route Podgorica airport-Cetinje-Njegusi-Kotor. In one section of the road between Cetinje and Njegusi are ongoing road works and the planned completion of the work before the start ofthe tourist season 2017. This option is the most expensive in relation to the first three and economic vehicle class costs 70EUR. Part of this road is not a highway it is the section of the road from Njegusi to Kotor, serpentine mountain road. For just this leg of the journey takes more than 45min and sometimes much longer because many tourists want to visit Njegusi and Cetinje and Kotor travel to the city on the mentioned places,Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€.


Daily tour from Kotor

Lovcen - The Njegos mausoleumMany tourists who visit Montenegro wanted to see the famous and attractive places and the most famous tour that almost all agencies and tourism workers offer and have in their offer as a one-day or half-day excursion are places that are on this road direction. Excursion known by its code-name Montenegro-tour includes departure from Kotor and may also from all the cities on the Montenegrin coast, visit Njegusi and the National park Lovcen where the Njegos mausoleum on the second greatest top of the mountain Lovcen called Jezerski Summit. An essential part of this excursion is a visit to the capital of Cetinje. Mini-Montenegro tour includes a brief passage through the said place a half-hour retention and without a visit National park Lovcen. Both excursions can be differently organized at the request and desire of the client regardless of the starting point and duration,Taxi Podgorica to Kotor 48€.