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Things to do, places to see in Dubrovnik,Taxi from Tivat Airport to Dubrovnik

“Those who seek paradise on Earth should see Dubrovnik.” George Bernard Shaw said that.

Dubrovnik might ring a bell as one of the most well-known tourist destinations in this part of the world, where you can bump into a celebrity or two every moment. For younger visitors, or those who are epic fantasy buffs, King’s Landing probably rings a bell even more.

That’s right. A huge portion of the mega-popular series “Game of Thrones” was filmed in this ancient city. You can actually take a “GoT” tour and take Cersei Lanister’s walk of shame through the city market and tiny little streets to the Red Keep, see the walls of the castle from outside, visit Tyrion Lanister’s bedroom (which actually has a board with his name on it). The ancient and huge fort Lovrijenac was the setting of Jeoffrey’s wedding ceremony, along with many bloody events that followed,Taxi from Tivat Airport to Dubrovnik.

The lavish Trsteno Arboretum from the 15th century probably doesn’t mean much to you, even when we tell you that it is the oldest arboretum (botanical garden) in this part of the world. Sure it will mean some more when you learn that it was used as the setting for the Red Keep palace gardens. Take a walk around and remember all of the intrigues that happened here. You may even fancy seeing Varis’ little birds around.

Mix your knowledge of the series’; fiction stories with the actual chronicles of the city’s rich history, which was the most important cultural center, where arts, crafts, trade, shipping, and navy have thrived for centuries.


Dubrovnik was a self-governed city-state that was the oasis of renaissance and baroque, cultural movements which hardly even existed in the Ottoman-ruled Balkans. The traces of those eras are left everywhere, so you’ll feel as if you were in a time machine, immersed in an atmosphere that resembles that of the medieval cities of Italy, with palaces that used to belong to eminent aristocratic families, cathedrals, monasteries, and narrow streets paved with stone.

In the old Fransiscan monastery there’s a pharmacy store that has continually existed from 1317. It still works. It is the third oldest pharmacy store in Europe.

You’re into politics and activism? Just so you know, Dubrovnik was the first city in Europe that abolished slavery. And no, it didn’t happen back in 18th or 19th centuries, but as early as 1416!

If you have some more time, you can see many music, theatre and film festivals, and sunbathe on Dubrovnik’s sandy, pebble or rocky beaches.