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Don’t be afraid you would end up paying more than you expected. Pay a fixed, all-inclusive price, beginning from 30€, and travel comfortably and safely from Tivat airport to Petrovac for less than an hour with a reliable and experienced driver, fluent in English and ready to tell you whatever you want to know about the surroundings or to stop the car if you want to take some photos or look around,Taxi from Tivat Airport to Petrovac.

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Taxi from Tivat Airport to Petrovac, places to see in Petrovac

Remember the Casino Royale? Not the title of the James Bond movie, but the actual casino in it? Just so you know, it really exists, and is located in Petrovac. That’s right. The famous Agent 007 gambled here. Tourists were quick to learn this fact, so they rushed in heaps to see the place in 2006, right after the movie hit cinemas,Taxi from Tivat Airport to Petrovac.

It’s a small town between Budva and Bar. During the era of Yugoslavia, this place was a very popular destination for rich tourists. But its fame is much older than that – even ancient Romans used it as a summer resort, building villas at the coast. The remains of a Roman mosaic from the 3rd century A.D., with the figure of Hypnos, god of dreams, bear witness to this fact.

Not that this is a place for sleeping, though. Sportists can dive into different activities, as the town has a kayak club, a diving center, as well as a paragliding club. Petrovac is surrounded with luxuriant green woods, but it’s also rich with typically maritime vegetation, so you can walk among olive, orange, laurel, and oleander trees.

The town beach is 600m long, and is among the most beautiful beaches in this part of the Adriatic coast.

Another nice fact for history buffs – the coastal Venetian fortress Castello was built in the 16th century to daunt pirates. Today you admire it and enjoy the view, or dance and have some serious night fun there, as there is a night club,Taxi from Tivat Airport to Petrovac.